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Mr. Ansar Ali

Associate Professor (Dept of Mechanical Engineering)

Ph: 7503998150


Welcome to HIET alumni association. The HIET alumni association will work to create a lifelong relationship with every alumnus and make lifelong links between the college and its alumni and between the alumni themselves. We pay attention to where our graduates are working, and we want to have an accurate view of positions taken by our graduates. Send updates about where you are working and when you change jobs. We will use this information to help alumni and current students network with each other and to educate others about the value of graduate education. Please stay in contact with us. Congratulations on your achievement. I wish you all the best and I look forward to hearing from you.

Mr. Raj Gopal Mishra

Assistant Professor (Dept of Electronics & Communication Engineering)

Ph: 9557238124


The purpose of the Alumni Association is to foster a spirit of loyalty and to promote the general welfare of the Institution. Alumni engagement is an integral effort towards the vision of the Institute. We take great pride in our large and active Alumni community and encourage their participation in all aspects of the Institute's development and progress. We have tried to make our Alumni Portal as interactive as possible. Please make maximum use of the services. We look forward to a stronger connection and bond between the Institute and its alumni. The alumni association aims to keep in regular contact with all alumni through a dedicated program of reunions, events, guest lectures and meetings. Making the portal highly interactive is our main aim. We would love to have our alumni writing a blog, uploading articles, sharing pictures of good old days for the sake of nostalgia and also share any good news/achievements. We will share regular updates on job opportunities with varied experience for your reference. The Alumni Portal offers job & career market, information on training programs and events ongoing in the campus.Registered members have the opportunity to network and communicate with fellow alumni using the standard array of social networking tools such as blogs, profiles, etc.

Stay connected and stay updated. To ensure that you keep getting all mails with Alumni updates from our end update your address, email address, job title, and phone number in the login section of the portal.

Please email your queries at

Mr. Bhasker Sharma

Assistant Professor (MCA)

Ph: 9911368061


Dear Alumnus, The Alumni committee is the primary communications channel between the Institute and our alumni. It is our motive to encourage and foster lifelong alumni participation, involvement, and commitment. We recognize, acknowledge, and embrace our alumni as vital stakeholders in the advancement of the college. Therefore, we encourage our alumni to participate in and support the programs, services, and numerous campus activities and events. Please stay connected through involvement and participation in the HITECH Alumni Association. Wish you all the best.

Mr. Mukulit Goel

Assistant Professor (Dept of Computer Science)

Ph: 9891509118


Welcome to the Hi-Tech Institute of Engineering & Technology Alumni Web Portal , Over the years the college has continued to expand its efforts in reconnecting with alumni . The alumni Association has been designed to allow alumni to connect socially , network and have a good time , The Alumni Association also send e-updates (eg Birthday wishes etc ) so make sure that the alumni association has your latest email address. Our College has a rich and well established legacy of producing some of the most outstanding engineers , computer professionals , software scientists in the nation . Be connected with the alumni association ,

Ms. Jagriti Dwivedi

Assistant Professor (MBA)

Ph: 9718431035


Dear Alumnus, Greetings from HIET! It gives us great pleasure to launch a feature-rich and contemporary portal that will help strengthen, improve institute-alumni relationships. I am hopeful that it will trigger in you the desire to visit the website regularly and network with your friends and batch-mates. Please send us your suggestions for improving the portal. Wish you all the best.

Mr. Shubham Chitransh

Assistant Professor (Dept. of Civil Engineering)

Ph: 9411611545


I am pleased to welcome you to the HIET College Alumni Association - your alumni association! We are always in search of alumni eager to give back by sharing their positive learning experiences, volunteering their expertise where required within the Alumni Association or through the recruitment of future students. Volunteering may also take the form of assisting in the planning of an event, especially in the planning of a reunion for your own graduation class, or you may be more interested in meeting and networking with fellow graduates, or you may want to put your feet up after a hard day of work and relax with a copy of the Alumni magazine. As well as volunteering we always enjoy hearing from you. Share with us your ideas on how to grow our Association, what were your expectations upon registering as an Alumnus, how are we doing as an Association; let us know. Are there specific academic programme(s) that you would like to see at HIET? Did you get a new job, move away from the HIET after graduation? We want to know! Keep us updated by submitting your ideas or news. As we grow and develop we trust that you will be there, participating in your Alumni Association in any way you're able. We will welcome your input at all times, and in turn, we will strive to keep you informed about your Alumni Association throughout the year via e-mails, our web site and the Alumni magazine. Our ultimate goal will be to work with you in the development of your Alumni Association. Please know that you are all extended a warm welcome from the HIET Alumni Association and we look forward to meeting each and every one of you.