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  Department of Civil Engineering

Civil Engineering is the back bone of any developing country. It is a professional engineering discipline that deals with the design, construction, and maintenance of the physical and naturally built environment, including works like roads, bridges, canals, dams, and buildings. In India lot of infrastructural facilities are to be developed and large numbers of civil engineers are required for developing the nation.

Hi-Tech offers Civil Engineering with an annual intake of 120 students. The vision of the department is to "Impart In-Depth Knowledge Of Civil Engineering And Prepare Students To Meet The Challenges Of Growing Construction Activity Both At National And International Level With Confidence And Competence." The Department emphasizes deep understanding of fundamental principles, development of creative ability to handle the challenges of Civil Engineering profession and the analytical ability to solve problems, which are of interdisciplinary nature.

  • Building Materials and Construction Lab
  • Hydraulic and Hydraulic Machines Lab
  • Structure Analysis Lab
  • Environmental Engg. Lab
  • Geotechnical Engineering Lab
  • Transportation Engineering Lab
  • Fluid Mechanics Lab
  • Surveying Lab
  • Building Planning & Drawing Lab
  • CAD Lab
  • Quantity Surveying & Estimation Lab
  • Geo-informatics Lab

Trainings in the Department:
  • I. Staad Pro
  • II. Auto Cad
  • III. Surveying
  • IV. Project Management
  • V. Estimation and Costing.
  • VI. 2D 3D Drawings

The IGBC student chapter opens on 18th March 2016 in Hi-tech Institute of Technology, Ghaziabad in the presence of Vice chairman Sir, Director Sir, HOD of civil engineering department and respective faculty’s members.
And the office bearers of IGBC
  • Mr. Sachin Sharma sir,
  • Mr. Ishan Bhatia sir,
  • Mr. Punit Aggarwal sir .
We feel very privileged in opening the local chapter of IGBC in our college and hope that various event will be organized under this chapter. It is an opportunity for the students to enhance their organizing skills. Every domain of engineering is going green whether it is communication or physical energy.
  • Sustainable built environment to all.
  • Because of many benefits IGBC is gaining many importances in India.
  • All types of building are going green way.
  • First world solar power airport-India
  • Cycle exercise 1 hr and get power of 24 hr.
  • US replacing street light bulb to led saving Millions of dollars but also crime rate drop due to better visibility.

Civil Engineering Departments invites leading academicians as well as experts on different areas engaged in the industries to share their knowledge with the students. Different workshops were organized during Odd semester 2015-16.

  • i. Waste Management: Experts from premier leading industries were called to share their experience with students.
  • ii. Bridge Design: Experts from Central Road Research Institute were called to discuss the latest development taking place around the world in the respective area.
  • iii. Practical aspects of irrigation and hydraulic structures..

Industrial Visits
Civil Engineering can’t be taught in class rooms only, it requires site visits also so as to understand and appreciate the site specific problems. To achieve this goal, Civil Engineering Department organizes various site visits. Visits organized during odd semester 2015 were:
  • I. Waste water treatment plant at Sector -55 Noida. (U.P.)
  • II. Stadium – under construction at Noida. (U.P.)

Why students choose Civil Engineering at HIET?

The Department of Civil Engineering at HIET provides an educational experience that will prepare you to be successful in civil and construction work. A civil engineer from HIET is proficient at Site construction, highway engineering, maintenance and many more.

Industrial tour (Civil Engineering) 2017

Civil Department Activity