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 Reinstallation Of Ishrae Student Chapter.

(1) Eminent dignitaries of DCI (Delhi Chapter of ISHRAE) who graced the occasion, were Mr. Shubir Das (Chair-student activity), Mr. Pradeep Dua (CWC-member), Mr. Vikram Maini (Secretary, DCI) & Ms. Purnima Sharma (membership, DCI).

(2) The programme started with welcome & anchoring by Ms. Pragya Mishra.

(3) Welcome of Guests by a bouquet and saplings by Director sir, Prof. M. K. Goel, Prof. P. S. Sandhu and Mr. B. D. Kaushik under took and after that lighting of lamp was done.

(4) Subsequently, Director Sir gave the inaugural address.

(5) A very informative address was given by Mr. Shubir Das telling about the presence of ISHRAE and student chapters all over the country. Mr. Shubir Das apprised that a proposal is under consideration with ISHRAE regarding exposure of student members with a club of selected HVAC industries so that a proper platform is available to assess and select the student members for the job in their companies.

(6) Mr. Pradeep Dua told that being ISHRAE student member there is a vast potential in terms of knowledge, training, various conferences & other activities (ACRECONF, ACREX etc.,) every year. Specialized training through IIE (ISHRAE Institute of Excellence) can help a student to establish as a better candidate for Job in the HVAC industry and to the prospective employer.

(7) A audio-video presentation was shown to the students by Mr. Vikram Maini that further added to the knowledge of student. The presentation was designed to give the students knowledge about ISHRAE (Indian Society of Heating, Refrigerating & Air Conditioning Engineers), ASHRAE (American Society of Heating Refrigerating & Air Conditioning Engineers) in various fields such as Green Building Concept.

(8) An oath taking ceremony took place and oath was administered by Mr. Shubir Das to the new office bearer of the said student chapter duly elected. (i) President - Mr. Vivek Shukla (IIIrd year M.E.) (ii) Secretary - Mr. Shubham Tyagi (IIIrd year M.E.) (iii) Treasurer - Mr. Rahul Pandey (IInd year M.E.) (iv) President (Elect.) - Mr. Pradeep Upadhyaya (IIIrd year M.E.) (v) CWC member - Mr. Sunil Datta (IIIrd year M.E.) (vi) CWC member - Mr. Adarsh Kumar Yadav (IInd year M.E.) (vii) CWC member - Mr. Ankit Verma (IInd year M.E.)

(9) Membership certificate distribution to the new student members took place.

(10) The Reinstallation program was concluded with a vote of thank given by Prof. M. K. Goel.