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  Department of Master of Business Administration.

Why choose MBA at Hi- Tech
Our full-time MBA, two-year curriculum enables students to strengthen skills and advance their career. We've designed special development program to fit the university curriculum to meet the varied and evolving needs of business professionals. We equip students with the business skills, knowledge, and relationships needed to succeed. We help students identify business problems, address them and analyze them more consistently. Communication skills and ability to work in a team can be strengthening in the long run. If you are successful MBA graduate from Hi-Tech, you can be sure of yourself to even change your career path and start your own business. To help the students to most appropriately groom themselves in these fields, we have programs, which are unique in NCR institutes. Such grooming on technical aspects are through 'Mentorship Program' (Live projects from Industry HR), Centres Of Excellencefor 10 Indutries(Live training by companies for future employment) , Industry Incubators (for students intending to set up their own industry. It is supported by GOI). Grooming on rest of the aspects is through leading agencies such as 'Advait' and 'BridgeIntellia'. Extra efforts are taken to teach these courses through case studies. Hi- Tech also has well managed placement cell which is coordinated through joint effort of faculty and students. Till now, the Institute has been achieving 100% placements every year. Students are recruited by industry even before graduation.

Market dynamics are changing and there is a paradigm shift from Sellers' Market towards Buyers' Market now. Corporate are expecting human capital to be well versed in multi-tasking jobs and need fresher's to be proactive in handling the challenges on the job on routine basis. To combat with the competition and survive on sustainable grounds, Management Education has become necessary for professionals, technical or non-technical. Everyone in this techno era inculcates various skills to remain updated for a longer period and requires various other skills too like: human skills, leadership qualities, decision making abilities, team building attributes and so on.

We here at Hi-Tech (Department of Management) groom the students pursuing BBA/MBA, right from the inception of the first semester. We incorporate behavioral patterns of learning and adopt the pedagogy acceptable on practical grounds in which students adept and are trained accordingly.


Personality Enhancement Program training by Bridge-Intelia for the personality development of students.


For the learning of professional English language there is a lab for MBA Students which help the students in the placement activity

MENTOR-MENTEE PROGRAM Under such program industry professionals with worth experience are associated with group of only 5-6 selected students for a period of one year. Under this module a mentor interacts with these 5-6 students to points out strengths/weakness followed by suggestions on remedial measures. Such program has been showing definite enhancement in self-motivational level of students.

Industrial Visit
  • 1. Parle G Rudrapur, ZimCorbet, Nainital:-Students went in July to learn about Production Operation process Mass production, Batch Production etc, They also learn about Marketing strategy and Distribution Channel of Parle G.
  • 2. Handloom Industry, Manali:- Students went in June where they interacted with various Entrepreneurs in Handloom Industry and they learnt how to start a small scale organization.

Workshops :-
How to Invest in Stock Market:- A workshop was organized in MBA dept. in October, 2015 by CONSUMER VOICE, New Delhi. The invited guest speakers were Dr. Surajprakash(Asst. Prof. Delhi University) and Mr. H.K Awasthi from consumer voice. Students learned how to invest money safely in stock market, what is stock market, how it works etc.

Resume Writing:-This workshop is organized in September every year for MBA students by Bridge-Intellia. It helps them to prepare a balanced and impressive resume for placement.

Interaction by Alumni on Summer Training:- Alumni Interact with the students in September to motivate them for summer training by explaining importance of summer training.

Foreign Trip
  • 1. Thailand :- In foreign trip students visited various commercial places in Thailand and they prepare a PowerPoint Presentation on Business opportunities in Foreign.
  • 2. Dubai:- Studentssearched for new job opportunities in foreign companies. One of the students got selected in a company over there on very good package.

GenNexT SOCIET......Leading Tommorow
Vision of GenNext: To be a great management department that nurture's talent and catalytically transforms the lives of millions through excellence in programming, service, and community development.

Mission of GenNext:To organize intellectual, social and networking activities not offered directly as part of the MBA program coursework, but critical to the graduate experience of MBA students.

Ist year students participated and ranked IIIrd in Business plan competition held at Delhi Technical University in February, 2016. Extempore: Held in August every year to build confidence and word power of students. Presentation:- Regular exercise in class to groom presentation skills of students. Role Play:-Once in a week for improving communication skill of students. Collage Making:-Organized in February to develop creative skills of students. Number games :-Gaming activity organized during Crossroad 2015 for school students to develop their analytical thinking.