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Industry Q/A from Mentor in Mentorship Program 2015.

Mentor Name : Sanjeev Dhingra Training Mentorship Home

Suppose there are 2 or 3 freshers and an expert and both of them having good skills, which one you will choose and why?
First of all every industry or company have different-different sectors to work upon and placements are done according to this. It is well decided by the HR'S of the company that who will be best suited for the job and in which aspect company will get more profit. But at my point of view I will go through the experts, whether they have pretty much higher salary than the fresher's ,but the accuracy and ease of doing work with satisfactory output have higher % in experts.

Secondly, as the new concepts and languages are changing day by day experts can comfortably adapt them as compared to freshers.

So my choice goes for experts.

But, as per company or industrial point of view they could go through both of them. They can even select experts as per I have described or they can also think that fresher's can give more effort's to the work with discipline.

How to Increase Chances of Getting hired in a company?
Job applicants with an educational background in the IT field are very much in demand. However, you must also keep in mind that there are many people just like you, who are also armed with a degree in MCA, Computer Science, and IT, among others. If you want to find employment, you need to do the following:-

  • Career planning is very important so before you even start looking for a job, you need to decide on what kind of job you want to apply for based on your skills and interest.
  • You need to create an impressive resume. You must make sure that your resume will showcase your skills, talents, and achievements to convince potential employers that you are good candidate for the job.
  • Be confident during the interview. You must prove to your interviewer that you are the right candidate for the job, so when giving answers, speak confidently and clearly.

I'm a CS II Year student. I'm totally confused what should I choose java or .net because I don't know much about both of these. Would you please help me whom one should I choose?
Frankly speaking, it does not matter. Pick up any technology / language of your choice and make sure that you develop mastery in it. You should be able to do small to medium sized projects on your own. Ultimately, the technology you will work on will be decided by the company that recruits you. What you should focus on is to develop your programming skills; which are independent of language.

Which is in demand designing or development?
Demand depends upon the company to company, in which field the company working. Now day's companies want employee of technical knowledge with good communication skills. But demand of companies is more in "Developing Area". Lots of people doing coding now a days but developers are becoming less. If you're a college student trying to pick a major that will maximize your career, it's no secret that web developing is a good choice. There's no shortage of data, reports, and surveys which find that people with web developing can expect some of the some of the highest starting salaries. Now comes a new survey of recent college grads which shows again that students who major in computer science have excellent job and salary of web development. There are different types of developers like web developer, software developer etc.

When company comes to our college, what are the criteria's of the company to select a fresher?
Each candidate is assessed on multiple parameters before he/she gets short listed by a company. Companies may look at one or more skills for a particular job profile. They do not see any particular area for a fresher. Fresher should have a technical knowledge about their field.