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Industry Q/A from Mentor in Mentorship Program 2015.

Mentor Name : Samarth Gupta Training

What are the technical skills an HR person should have?

Any person working in HR department of an organisation must have a deep knowledge of MS Excel as many times the higher officials don't have much time to go through the reports having many pages. So, using excel you can turn your reports into graphical forms which are easily understandable and would save a lot of time .

What tips should an individual keep in mind while working in an organisation?

Time management. You must accomplish your tasks on time as it will not only be beneficial for the the organisation but for you as well. You will not have to work for extra hours and it won't burden you at the later stages of your project .you won't be stressed or will be under pressure If you are able to manage your time well and it may further add to your job appraisal too.

I have good percentage in my till yet. I have learnt some languages like C, java and learning html. I have less interest in coding .Is it necessary that every company recruit employees only for coding .How could get a job?

"Recruitment is depending upon the company to company in which field the company wants employee. Now day's companies want employees of technical knowledge with good communication skills. So you can do one thing that you can do Google, search for latest technologies and job to be offered in that particular technology. View detailing for some live projects. Basically first judge in which technology you will be able to show your talent. Thus by knowing what you want from your job can make you earn a job by your own skills irrespective whether it is job of a coder, tester etc" .

Industrial demands keep on changing, how can student/fresher student can cope up with those changes, means how can we make our self compatible with those changes?

Well, changing of demands is the format of industries in IT sector, you must focus on your communication skills first of all because it is the most important factor for a cs student and continuously go through the related magazines to be updated with latest technologies.

As I am doing B.Tech in CS but don't have any interest in development. Pls suggest my carrier path?

You can opt Business Analyst, designer ,Technical writing fields, Testing .

Should I include references in my resume?

Answer :it is a matter of personal choice. If you don't have a lot of work experience but have excellent references who can talk about the quality of your work and they are well respected in your community, then it may work in your favor to include your references. Whether you decide to include them in your resume or not, make sure you have references ready if an employer requests them at an interview.