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Industry Q/A from Mentor in Mentorship Program 2015.

Mentor Name : SS SHARMA (ME) Training

Sir, Tell us about your present company, and the past companies where you have worked?

Presently I am working in Flowguard Ltd situated in Manesar, Gurgaon as a Plant Head. I have got 26 yrs of experience in the mechanical engg. basically in sheet metal fabrication, machining, welding etc in different depts.. production, quality. devlopment etc..I have also worked in Parisudh Machine Tools, Ghaziabad and three other organizations before my present assignment.

What is your present company manufacturing?

Flowguard is a sheet metal fabrication company. We are engaged in sheet metal fabrication of MS(upto 25 mm) and SS items(upto 12 mm thickness).We also perform laser cutting of sheets, which is a very accurate operation as per the customer requirements. Company is equipped with Laser cutting machine, brake presses, shearing machines etc.

What is the main reason of getting success in an organization?

Main reason of success attributes to hard work, systematically pre-planning of job ,team work and always be innovative.

As a fresher, what types of jobs I can perform and how to be successful in an organization?

As a fresher, you will be instructed by your immediate senior who will guide you firstly and then you have to proceed further and the ways of getting success are as I have told you earlier.

Sir, it is observed that a mechanical engg. initially gets less salary as compared to other depts. Like EC or CS. What is the reason behind it?

Surely a mechanical engg gets less salary than a CS or EC engg.,but as the experience increases the salary also grows accordingly. The advantage of a mech. Engg. is that the demand remains in all throughout the time. There is no such lean period for a mech. Engg as observed in EC or CS Depts.

Sir, for me as a mechanical engg., which Dept. is better in terms of better job prospects, better recognition in the company, getting a better salary or vertical movement within the organization?

All Depts. are good, whether it is production, quality, design and development or marketing. Each has its own importance in its own way within the organization. For personal growth as I told you earlier hard work, systematically pre-planning of job, team work and always be innovative matters much.