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Industry Q/A from Mentor in Mentorship Program 2015.

Mentor Name : Ajay Goel (EC) Training

What is solar power?

Sunlight is a renewable energy source. Solar panels convert sunlight into usable energy. Solar thermal panels use sunlight to heat water for washing and heating, while solar photovoltaic (PV) panels convert sunlight into electricity.

Britain's climate is unsuited to large-scale solar electricity generation. So in Britain solar technology is typically used by individual businesses, homes and even devices such as road signs to generate energy for their immediate needs.

How solar power is effective ?

it is an endless power source. In the other type of energy resources like hydroelectric and thermal energy resources solar power is more effective and convenient. Solar energy can be stored in EI form of energy.

What are the drawbacks of solar power system?

Solar energy is an inexhaustible source of energy with the most potential as it will continue to produce solar power as long as the sun is there. Solar energy is totally free, widely available, produces no pollution, no emission and no noise which means generating solar power produces no carbon footprint. Among all the renewable energy sources available on Earth solar energy is one of the most widely used renewable sources of energy.

Solar energy has wide array of uses. It can be used to produce electricity, to run calculators, swimming pool heating, solar oven or solar cooker. Solar energy can now also be used to fly planes. This technology is however in its initial stage. In the year 2015, solar impulse, the first solar powered aircraft, started its Round-The-World flight from Abu Dhabi, on March 9. There is no doubt that solar energy is going to play a significant role in meeting demand supply gap for electricity.

How to support the solar energy in electric power system.

Solar energy is store in electrical form. The efficiency of solar energy is good .in case of deficiency of electrical energy; the solar energy can be use to full fill the requirement of electrical energy. In case of rural area and desert are where hydro and thermal power plant is not implementing then there solar power can be use as a power station.

Being as electrical engineer what is the scope of solar power and opportunities?

As electrical engineer solar energy can be use in power distribution system at low level and low cost and power consumption is maximum. The other energy source that is limited in amount like coal and natural gases are replaced by solar energy.

Being as electronic engineer what is the scope of solar power and opportunities?

as electronic engineer the efficiency of solar power system can be improve by new research in a electronic field and improve the storage of solar energy .now the semiconductors that are use for storage of electrical energy can be replace by high efficiency of semiconductors that can improve entire efficiency of solar power generation system.

What is the Site selection requirement of solar power system?

Following factor are required for the site selection of solar power system- 1- plane area 2- Unavailability of other natural resource. 3- desert area 4- distance from the load centre 5- high intensity of light

What is the need of this project?

All the energy resources like coal, petroleum and natural gases are limited but solar energy is non conventional energy resource. Due to requirement of electrical energy continuously and less generation of energy the solar energy is best option of electrical energy production.