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Industry Q/A from Mentor in Mentorship Program 2015.

Mentor Name : Mr. Prashant Sanghal Training

What is the scope for an Electronics Engineer in Industry?

VLSI designing Embedded system Software Development Networking For an electronics engineer it is hard to get a job in core branch but after sometime when you'll be exposed to industry and gained experience you can switch to core branch. Good communication skills are highly required

What are the basic requirements?

C & C++ language, Digital Electronics, Basic Electronics, C is most important as every kind of programming is emerged from C.

What is Embedded System?

Embedded system is used for automation. Controlling the working of hardware through software.

What work is there in Embedded Industry?

Basically Embedded Industry is application of VLSI Using microcontrollers and microprocessors to make automated machines In the beginning you'll be provided with testing work. Handling of controllers and testing them will be starting job. After getting some experience you can do work on controllers

What should we know for Embedded Industry?

Good command on C & C++ language Knowledge of Linux Operating System Logics should be clear and should know how to apply

How should we prepare ourselves to get a job in core branch?

First of all basics should be clear. Fundamentals of Basic Electronics & Digital Electronics should be clear C language should be on tips Operating LINUX and using C on LINUX Visit - free online classes and lectures from Professors all over the world. Develop soft-skills and increase communication ability