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Industry Mentorship Program
Mentor Feedback 2015 Q/A - Sanjeev Dhingra Q/A - Samarth Gupta Q/A -SS SHARMA (ME)
Q/A - Ajay Goel (EC) Q/A - Mr. Prashant Sanghal Q/A - Mr Harsh Raj Jain  

Hi-Tech Institute is commited to making an improvement in the lives of students. They firmly believe that an industry - Academia engagement can make a difference to the lives of the stduents by providing skills and making them ready for industry.

The industry Mentorship program provides-

Mentees with an opportunity for continuous interaction wiyh top professionals in the industry.

  • A real world insight from exprienced and successful professionals.
  • Better understanding of carrer opportunities.
  • An opportunity to establish a network of professional business contacts.
  • An opportunity to develop industry relevant skills.

Mentorship Process:-

Each Mentor is assigned a group of 5-6 Mentees with whom he interacts throughout the semester.

The Mentor assignes the projects to the Mentees. Mentors with their strong industrial background ensure that the required plan is chalked out for the group in consultation with faculty.

The Mentorship Process includes face-to-face interactions, contant monitoring and feedbacks as well as Industry relevant sessions.

Mentee Guidlines:-

Mentees should exhibit professional behavior and follow guidlines during the course of the industry Mentorship Program.

Mentee Dos :-

  • Take the initiative to keep close contact with your mentor.
  • Be present at all the meetings with your Mentor.
  • Communicate with your Mentor on a regular basis.
  • Be Open minded in sharing with your mentor.
  • Make a list of doubts/quuestions prepare for discusssion before you meet your Mentor.
  • Be punctual and courteous.

Mentee Don'ts-

  • Do not come late for meetings with your Mentor
  • Do not be casual in terms of your attitude.
  • Do not impose unrealistic expectation upon your Mentor,such a getting you a job or answering all your questions and solving all your problems.
  • Do not contact to your Mentor at unreasonable hours. i.e. to early in the morning or too late at night.
  • Do not be disheartened or feel frustrated if the Mentor is not responding to your promptly. Just send an email or sms.


Project specified roles and responsibilities.....

Industry Mentor will facilitate the Mentees to undertake a meaningful project, and he/she will provide necessary guidance and facilitate a evaluation.

  • The Mentor would provide assistance to Mantees to perform the project through phone mentoring and email guidance
  • Help Mentees to chalk out an action plan in relation to the project.
  • Help Mentees in query resolution , Problem Sloving and Decision Making during then course of Mentorship

General Roles and Responsibilty....

  • Maintain regular interaction ,consistent support and lead to a learning experience
  • Establish mutual trust and respect.


Project Specified Roles and Responsibilities.........

  • Mantees should update the Industry Mentor and Faculty Guide regularly on their progress by submitting the reports after each session.
  • They should seek help from the Faculty Guide and Industry Mentor on the Project chosen.

General Expectation from Mentees.....

  • Mentees can seek advice from Mentors about career choce and the necessary preparation from the same.
  • Mentees need to respect the Mentors and demonstrate the passion and willingness to devote time and effort.


Project Specified Roles and Responsibilities.........

  • Faculty has to make sure that Mentee is devoting their maximum time for working on his/her project and address their problems.
  • Co-ordinate with the Industry Mentor to ensure the success of the program.
  • Regularly provide the feedback to program coordinator as well as to HOD.