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Training and Placements

Core Team

The H.I.E.T. placement committee comprises of faculty and students, who work together and devote their time in coordinating the platform where the HIETians and the corporate can meet and exploit all possible opportunities. The committee invites companies to give pre-placement presentations to our students. These presentations are aimed at exposing students to the work they may be interested in doing. The resume are collected by the committee and then forwarded to the companies in their desired format. Also, we follow the traditional policy of One student One job in order to make the scarce opportunities available to maximum students.

The committee works closely with the companies to follow the same process they wish and get the best fit between student expectations and the company requirement. The entire effort is a successful attempt by the placement committee comprising of Mr. Sparsh Dwivedi(Head T&P Cell), five faculty members (Ms. Anamika Chaturvedi from the Deptt. of MBA, Mr. Mukulit Goel from the Deptt. of CS & Deptt. of IT, Mr. P.P.S Sandhu from the Deptt. of ME, Mr. Kalyan Pal from the Deptt. of ECE).